Fancy R11

Machine for polychromatic dyeing of cones “Fancy R11”

General characteristics:

  • Feeding with all types of cones with bored tube.
  • Cone diameter 160 mm or superior.
  • Final diameter of cone depends on tube diameter.
  • Numberless design possibilities.
  • Dyestuffs automatic dosing in dyeing cycle, through patented valves with pneumatic actuators.
  • Automatic dyeing cycle, controlled by PLC.
  • Manual feeling and doffing of cones.
  • Dye kitchen with tanks having capacity 100lt abt.complete with feed pneumatic pump and dyeing bath circulation.

Technical Characteristics:

  • 4 coulours dyeing with possibility till 8 coulours.
  • Dyestuffs: acid, direct, reactive basic, premetallized and disperse.
  • Dyestuffs consumption variable depending on type of yarn.
  • Dyeing on any type of fiber.

Additional operations:

  • Colours fixation in autoclave.
  • Washing and drying.

Brochure Fancy R11